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U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative 2016 funding brings total to $22 billion

New publication: Toropova AP, Toropov AA, Rallo R, Leszczynska D, Leszczynski J. (2015) Optimal descriptor as a translator of eclectic data into prediction of cytotoxicity for metal oxide nanoparticles under different conditions. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 112, 39-45

MODERN has been included in the "OECD Database on Research into the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials"

BioCenit will take part in the Education & Technology International Forum (FIET2014) that will take place on June 27-28 (Tarragona, Spain)

Robert Rallo will be the plenary speaker of the nanoQSAR session in the 16th International Workshop on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships in Environmental and Health Sciences (QSAR2014) that will take place on June 16-20, 2014 at the IRCCS - Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche “Mario Negri” (Milan, Italy)

BioCenit (City Protocol Society member) takes part in the City Transformational Project Workshop in London

New publication: Liu R, France B, George S, Rallo R, Zhang H, Xia T, Nel A, Bradley K, Cohen Y. (2014) Association Rule Mining of Cellular Responses induced by Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles. Analyst, 139: 943-953

MODERN 1st annual meeting was hold in Tallin last week

New publication: Gómez S, Fernández A, Granell C, Arenas A. (2013) Structural Patterns in Complex Systems Using Multidendrograms. Entropy 2013, 15(12): 5464-5474

New publication: Liu R, Hassan T, Rallo R, Cohen Y. (2013) HDAT: web-based high-throughput screening data analysis tools. Computational Science & Discovery, 6: 014006

Registration now open! 2013 U.S.-EU nanoEHS workshop

TNT 2014 - Trends in NanoTechnology (Tokyo, Japan). Call for papers will be open until December 13, 2013

On October 9th-11th Robert Rallo will participate in the B-DEBATE on "Nanotechnologies in Health: Current Challenges and Future Prospects"

Robert Rallo has been appointed as the chair of the Modeling WG of the EU NanoSafety Cluster

SETAC Special Science Symposium on Nanomaterials: early registration deadline 13 September

New publication: Barrera-Ventura C, Salvatierra D, Giralt F, Giralt J. (2013) Hydrolysis of Imidazole and 2-Chloropyridine under Subcritical and Supercritical Water Conditions. Can. J. Chem. Eng. 91(6): 1131–1139

BioCenit will be presenting a network-based approach to pathway analysis at the XIII International Congress of Toxicology hosted in Seoul (Korea)

BioCenit took part in the pitch of Bilateral US-EU workshop of the EuroNanoForum 2013 hosted in Dublin (Ireland)

New publication: Liu R, Zhang HY, Ji ZX, Rallo R, Xia T, Chang CH, Nel, AE, Cohen Y. (2013) Development of Structure – Activity Relationship for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles. Nanoscale, in press

New publication: Patel T, Telesca D, Rallo R, George S, Xia T, Nel AE. (2013) Hierarchical Rank Aggregation with Applications to Nanotoxicology. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics

The NCI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research Launches Cancer Nanotechnology Dialogue. Join the Discussion!

New publication: Liu R, Rallo R, Weissleder R, Tassa C, Shaw S, Cohen Y. (2013) Nano-SAR Development for Bioactivity of Nanoparticles with Considerations of Decision Boundaries. Small article first published online: 19 FEB 2013

BioCenit attends to the presentation of the Catalan Chapter for the City Protocol Society

New publication: Strebel K, Espinosa G, Giralt F, Kindler A, Rallo R, Richter M, Schlink U (2013) Modelling airborne benzene in space and time with self-organizing maps and Bayesian techniques. Environmental Modelling & Software 41: 151-162

New publication: Radicchi F. (2012) In science "there is no bad publicity": Papers criticized in comments have high scientific impact. Sci. Rep. 2, 815

New publication: Cohen Y, Rallo R, Liu R, Liu H. (2012) In Silico Analysis of Nanomaterials Hazard and Risk. Accounts of Chemical Research, in press

New publication: Radicchi F; Castellano C. (2012) Why Sirte's claims do not square with reality. J. Informetr. 6, 615-618

New publication: Fernández A; Lombardo A; Rallo R; Roncaglioni A; Giralt F; Benfenati E. (2012) Quantitative consensus of bioaccumulation models for integrated testing strategies. Environment International, 45:51-58

New publication: Radicchi F. (2012) Universality, limits and predictability of gold-medal performances at the Olympic Games. Plos ONE 7, e40335

New publication: Radicchi F; Baronchelli A. (2012) Evolution of optimal Lévy-flight strategies in human mental searches. Phys. Rev. E 85, 061121

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Chandan Srivastava will be presenting his research work on the development of "integrated screening classifiers for substance-specific waiving of biodegradation assays in PBT assessments" at SETAC Europe 2012

BioCenit presented a "Hybrid GA-MLR Algorithm for Automated Descriptor Selection in QSAR Modeling" in the poster corner of the 12th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering (12MCCE) hosted in Barcelona

Official presentation of the Catalan Strategic Agenda of Nanobiotechnology

The EU Commission adopts a recommendation on a new common definition of nanomaterials based on scientific advice from the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) and the JRC
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